Call for Pre-Conferences

The organizers of the 10th European Communication Conference invite submission of proposals for up to 10 pre-conferences.

Pre-conferences are independent events, separate from the main conference in terms of programming, budget, event management and administration.

The pre-conference organisers define the specific thematic focus of the event and have full autonomy in deciding the format of the pre-conference including its design, length, scheduling, innovations in presentation formats and levels of interactivity. The pre-conferences organisers are also in charge of the peer-review process, which is separate from the review process of the main conference.

The pre-conference should take place before the main event, ideally in Ljubljana or in other close-by locations between 20 and 22 September 2024. In case of a half-day event, the pre-conference can also take place on 23 September 2024.

The ECC2024 Local Organizing Committee may be able to help with contacts to possible locations in Ljubljana or its vicinity, but the pre-conference organisers are responsible for securing the venue and catering for the pre-conference.

If you are interested in organising a pre-conference, you can send the inquiries to

The proposal for pre-conference (300-500 words) should include:

    • Short pre-conference rationale (theme and title),
    • brief presentation of the pre-conference organisers,
    • institutional links to ECREA (e.g. if the pre-conference is organised or endorsed by one of ECREA Temporary Working Groups, Networks or Sections),
    • general format (full-day or half-day event),
    • expected number of participants and budget (please note that participation fees for ECREA members should be lower than fees for non-members),
    • date and location (if already available).

The proposal should be sent to ( by 30 November 2023. The local organising committee will evaluate the proposals and select up to five pre-conferences. Priority will be given to groups and topics which have lower visibility in the scientific conference of the main conference (e.g. Temporary Working Groups).

The deadline for submissions is 30 November 2023.

The proposals will be evaluated by 20 December 2023.

Upon selection, pre-conferences will be promoted via ECC2024 website and communication channels as well as ECREA website and communication channels.