Conference Spotlights

The ECREA ECC 2024 conference integrates several sustainability goals into the conference planning: we want to minimise environmental impact, promote responsible practices and inspire positive change within the conference community. We hope that transparent communication about the conference’s sustainability efforts will build confidence among participants and demonstrate the conference organiser’s commitment to responsible event management.

We aim to address sustainability issues in several areas:

Energy Efficiency

We have chosen a conference venue with energy-efficient facilities that have good access to natural light during the day, are located in a green area of the city and are easily accessible from the city centre by public transport, bicycles and even on foot.

Paperless Approach

We minimise the use of paper by introducing a digital approach for conference materials, agendas, book of abstracts and presentations.

Eco-Friendly Travelling

We encourage participants to use sustainable travel options such as public transport for travelling to and from Ljubljana. Ljubljana is also a bicycle and pedestrian-friendly city. We provide you with information on local transport options and encourage you to reduce your travel-related carbon footprint.

Water Conservation

We will introduce water-saving measures, such as the use of refillable water stations instead of disposable bottles. We will provide participants with reusable water bottles and encourage them to use the water refill stations as needed. The tap water in Ljubljana is of very good quality.

Water Reduction

We minimise the use of single-use plastic and encourage the use of reusable materials for catering and conference materials. We will provide participants with reusable glass water bottles, use reusable or compostable tableware, provide recycling stations and minimise packaging waste.

Local Sourcing

We engage local businesses and organisations that are committed to sustainable practises. By working with local suppliers, we support local producers, which reduces the carbon footprint associated with transport while strengthening the local economy and fostering community relationships.

Sourcing Food Locally

We prioritise the use of local and seasonal produce for conference meals. In this way, we support local farmers and reduce the carbon footprint associated with transporting food over long distances.

Vegan Meals

We will offer a variety of appealing and nutritious plant-based foods to reduce the environmental impact associated with meat production. In this way, we seek to incorporate dietary options that promote healthier eating and reduce the conference’s carbon footprint.

Education Initiatives

As part of our conference, we aim to highlight and raise awareness of the environmental impact of our daily food choices. Current food systems are one of the biggest influences on the degradation of the natural environment, along with transport. We want to help delegates understand the reasons behind the catering choices organisers make during the conference and encourage conference delegates to make better, more environmentally friendly food choices also after the event. This is in line with the conference’s commitment to sustainability education.